Growing Jiaogulan Indoors – All You Need To Know

Jiadownloadogulan or Gynostemma is a native herb of China and other parts of Asia like Thailand and Japan. It has been long used in Chinese medicines due to its innumerous health benefits. With its benefits helping millions of people attain a good health, the herb is become more popular day by day. Today a huge number of people are looking forward to Growing Jiaogulan indoors, but the problem is the lack of factual information in the Internet.

Jiaogulan is also known as “the miracle herb” in its native country due to its incredible property of improving longevity. It is a five leafed climbing vine that belongs to the Cucurbitaceae plant family, the same family that houses gourds and cucumbers. Traditionally, it is consumed as a hot herbal tree. However, you can also take it in capsule or extract forms.

To help you with the process of planting and harvesting the miracle herb at home, this article explains the whole process step by step. If you are reading this article, you should already know what the health benefits of consuming Jiaogulan tea are! However, for those who still aren’t aware, here are the benefits of the herb attributed to your health.

Benefit List

  • Has adaptogen properties
  • Acts as a stress reducer
  • Improves digestive system
  • Enhances immunity
  • Enlivens body
  • Enhances respiratory functions
  • Includes anti-aging antioxidants
  • Promotes sense of well being
  • Aids weight loss
  • Aids weight gain
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Checks blood pressure
  • Fights cholesterol
  • Aids cardiovascular health
  • Supports liver functions
  • Rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, amino acids, potassium and phosphorus

Growing Jiaogulan

The herb can be grown in moderate climates such as Western and Southern coasts of the United States. If you live in such mild climatic conditions, you can easily grow Jiaogulan in your house garden or even indoors. However, if you are trying to grow it in a hot climate, afternoon shade can be beneficial for the plant’s health. You can easily grow it in pots or containers in the shade of your house.


The Jiaogulan herb seeds must be soaked in warm water in a covered container for 24 hours. They should be sown is seedling pots filled with moist seed-starting mix. The seeds must be sprinkled gently with the mix to ensure they are barely covered.

If the mix is kept damp and in room temperature, the seeds must shall germinate in the next 2 – 6 weeks. You can then place them under a grow light for no less than 12 hours per day. They can also be placed on windowsills facing either east or west. This will ensure that the germinating pant gets only partial sunlight, which is essential for its good health.


You can transplant the Jiaogulan seedlings in your outdoor garden as long as the temperature is mild and favorable. However, if you are living in a hot climate, it is best to plant the herb in containers and place them indoors, where it will get shaded sunlight.

Even if you are planting the herb outdoors, you must keep in mind to plant the tree beside a partially shaded framework or trellis. Incline them slightly towards the framework support so that it grows in the right direction.


You must mulch the plant with compost to ensure it grows healthy and faster. After it clings onto the support, Jiaogulan grows up to 25 feet or so. It requires very little care except for the infrequent watering. The roots of the tree grow very deep. So you need to keep a track of how moist the soil is. You will be able to asses when it’s time to water with the help of a soil probe. The best way to ensure the plant is watered appropriately, wait for the damped soil surface to dry out partly and then water it again. However, you must also make certain that the soil does not dry out completely.

The herb is hardly affected by ailments or insects. Therefore, the compost mulch provides all the fertilizer the plant needs. The inconspicuous flowers appear between mid to late summer and develops into green round seed pods. It will only happen if both the male and female plants are present together. The seed pods turn black on ripening.


While growing Jiaogulan indoors or outdoors, the plant is ready to harvest when it reaches a height of 1.5 feet. The herb tastes best when in bud, just before the flowers bloom. The leaves and stems (cut into 3 – 5 inches) are then dried in the sun and then consumed as hot herbal tea.

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Benefits of white mulberry leaf tea

White mulberry is an herb that was originally discovered in china but with time it has spread to several parts of United States. Fruits from white mulberry have a plain taste as opposed to white and black mulberry which are rich in taste and flavor. Leaves from white mulberry make herbal tea that is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine. The Chinese have been using this herbal leaf tea for ages and with growing need to go back to natural remedies, this remedy is now acceptable in many parts of the world.

What are the health benefits of white mulberry leaf tea?

1. Anti-diabetic properties.

The Leaves once grounded are reduce diabetic symptoms by curbing sugar spikes. People with type 2 diabetes experience sugar spikes that can be easily toned-down by grounded leaves in form of tea. People living with diabetes can take this tea as a control measure while the rest can use it as prevention to keep sugar levels in check at all times.

How does this work?

Research says it slows down break down and absorption of carbohydrates in the small intestines. Carbohydrates are known to increase sugar levels in the body so by reducing their absorption sugar is maintained at minimum levels. Sugar absorbed in the blood stream is reduced so diabetic people don’t have to worry about controlling constant sugar spikes in the body.

2. Lowering cholesterol levels.

High cholesterol in the body is the cause of many lifestyle disease people struggle with. For instance, cholesterol which is also known as bad fat surrounds the heart causing cardiovascular diseases. High blood pressure, obesity and diabetes are also caused by high cholesterol level. Taking this herbal tea at least three times a day significantly reduces cholesterol levels in the body in turn reducing risk of life style diseases.

How does this work? 

A cup white mulberry leaf tea is filled with fibers that are essential to help eliminate body cholesterol. Taking only a cup in the evening will give you sufficient fiber that is enough to get rid of cholesterol without depending on any other source of fiber.

3. Reducing risk of cancer.

Based on Chinese traditional medicine it greatly reduces risk of cancer. This is because white mulberry tea contains minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium and antioxidants that eliminate toxins from the environment and food we take.

How does this work? 

During digestion or exposure to radiation, cells are damaged due to presence of free radicals. This is what causes growth of cancerous cells leading to cancer. Important ingredients such beta carotene, ascorbic acid and other essential minerals that inhibit growth of cancerous cells in the body.

4. Anti-inflammatory properties.

Another important benefit is the ability to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation has a result of chronic conditions has been treated where patients are given a cup of this tea since time in memorial. Apart from reducing inflammation in the affected areas it also reduces pain caused by inflammation.

How does this work? 

White mulberry tea inhibits agents responsible for inflammation in the body and this in turn prevents inflammation in any part of the body.

5. Weight management.

This a very a good alternative for people who want to manage their weight. The numerous minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates present in the grounded leaves are essential to keep the body healthy at all times.

How does this work? 

White mulberry is low in carbohydrates, fats and sugar which are the many causes of excess weight. The leaves used to make white mulberry tea have low sugars which means you don’t have to worry about adding excess calories which lead to weight gain.

6. Proper digestion.

Research has shown benefits of this tea for people with digestion problems who people who want to improve digestion so it is good when taken at night after meals to aid in digestion.

How does this work? 

The amount of fiber contained in the leaves makes it essential for proper digestion. Fiber is good for proper bowel movement for people who suffer from constipation or have problems in passing loose stool.

Side effects of white mulberry leaf tea.

Just like any other form of medication this tea should be taken in moderation to prevent possible side effects that associated with over use. The following are some of the common side effects associated with over use are:

Skin irritation.

In some people skin irritation may occur when the grounded leaves come into contact with the skin. This is not an over use side effect but some cases of skin irritation have been reported in a small percentage of people. There was no skin irritation in most of the people who came into contact with the grounded leaves.


White mulberry leaves can affect kidneys due to accumulation of potassium in the kidneys. This because they are filled with minerals like zinc, iron, calcium and potassium and over use leads to buildup of potassium. This may lead to complications in people already with kidney conditions.

Interaction with other drugs.

Studies have shown that it interacts very well with other drugs used in treatment of diabetes. However interaction with other drugs has not been known therefore should not be used with any other drugs or direction should be sought from a physician before use. Research about further interactions is still underway.

Use in pregnancy and lactation period.

Nothing has been said about the use of this herbal tea during lactation and pregnancy so it’s safe to stay away from white mulberry leaf tea until after pregnancy and lactation. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not use white mulberry.

White mulberry leaf tea as proven to be a super food and a natural remedy that has been accepted in many parts of the world. This herbal tea is based on the facts of Chinese traditional medicine which is a form of treatment accepted in many parts of the world. In the treatment of diabetes white mulberry leaf tea is widely accepted and many people are using it a substitute of tea due to its rich taste and healing benefits.

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The Health Benefits of Gynostemma

  As people become aware of health matters, they now tend to only eat the right foods that will benefit their bodies. Various beverages contain caffeine and if you want to minimize its intake, you need not to shun your favorite drink for good. There is always an alternative that can serve your purpose without adding caffeine to your body. For example, if you love tea and don’t want it to contain caffeine, you can take advantage of a special one. Gynostemma tea is one of those beverages that will make you invigorated without having to induce any caffeine. There are many Gynostemma leaf benefits and that is why its gaining more and popularity across the globe. If you want to recharge and rebalance, then this special tonic beverage is ultimately for you without inducing any caffeine.

How its Used

  First and foremost, its important to mention that this tea is usually made from a Chinese herb that is always extracted from a green leafy tree known as Gynostemma. The Gynostemma tea can be combined with other types of tea to prepare an awesome beverage. If you are an overworked person and you want to get rejuvenated without taking any stimulant drink that contains caffeine, then this tea is for you. It will improve your immune system while kicking away your stress among many other Gynostemma leaf benefits that you are going to see in a while. 

What is Gynostemma Really?

  The Chinese name for this plant is called “Jiaogulan” while its scientific name is Gynostemma pentaphyllum. Gynostemma is basically a climbing tree that is five leafed. It does come from the family of Cucurbitaceae like cucumber but the difference is that it does not bare any fruit that is edible. 

  The ideal place for planting Gynostemma is where the climate is moderate hence it can do well not only in China, Thailand but also in both Southern and Western coastal areas of the United States. If you are not living in such coastal areas of the U.S, that does not mean that you will not reap from the Gynostemma leaf benefits as the tea can still be imported from China and Thailand to where you are right now. 

 You don’t have to grow it to enjoy its benefits. You just need to make a purchase of the ready one. In most cases, those who are lucky to grow Gynostemma plant in their gardens can directly take advantage of the Gynostemma leaf benefits by preparing its tea at the comfort of their own homes. It can either be used fresh or when it has dried. 

History of Gynostemma

  According to recorded notes, its believed that the first person to study this plant was Li Shi-Zhen and he did that in 1578. The herbalist recommended Jiaogulan for treatment of both tumors and traumas. The recent research on Jiaogulan started in the 1970s. Its sweet components influence the scientists to want to known more about the plant. It acted as a substitute and Dr. Tsunematsu and Dr. Masahiro Nagai found out that the leaves of Gynostemma was rich in saponins and other elements that were similar to its but contained other elements that could differentiate them. Saponins do come in various compounds which offers a vast health benefits according to the research. 

The Gynostemma Health Benefits

There are many Gynostemma leaf benefits as you are going to see here:

  • Adaptogenic Herb. What is an adaptogenic herb or plant? This is a plant that has been proven to help in making your body remain balanced. Few plants can be considered to be that and surprisingly, Jiaogulan is one of the famous adaptogenic plant as it makes your body normal. 
  • Strength and Stamina. To live a normal life, one has to have both strength and stamina. By using Jiaogulan tea, you will have enough of this hence cases of mental or physical illness and stress will be reduced by consuming the tea. 
  • Body System. The other amazing Gynostemma leaf benefits is that its tea will be of great help to your digestive, reproductive, immune and cardiovascular systems. Who will shy away from drinking such a miraculous tea if it offers such great benefits to your entire body system? 
  • Weight Control. By now everyone globally acknowledges the fact that excess weight is a key to life threatening diseases and conditions too. Having that said what next do you need to do? The answer is probably to lose excess weight as soon as possible. Thanks to Gynostemma leaf benefits as it also states that this tea helps in losing excess weight. As an adaptogen herb, it does help in body balancing. A person who is overweight and drinks this tea will reduce that excess weight. On the other hand if you are unlucky to be skinny, drink this tea and it won’t take long before you have a normal body size. 
  • Normal Blood Sugar Levels. Maintaining a normal blood sugar level is a key to good health. Using this tea has been proven to help maintain a normal blood sugar level. The tea also keeps your blood cleansed by getting rid of unwanted fat. 
  • Immune System Cleansing. As an antioxidant, Gynostemma will offer great benefits to your immune system. The number of white blood cells in your body will increase drastically when using the tea meaning that your body will be less vulnerable to diseases. When your immune system is working normally, then should your nervous system too. If this tea achieves that as proven, then be sure that when you are down because of stress, it will lift you up undoubtedly. 

  All that can be said about Gynostemma leaf benefits is that they are overwhelming. There are other many health benefits of using this tea and they include; improvement of sexual function, fight fatigue, anti-aging drink and in lowering cholesterol level. Everyone is recommended to use this tea as per the Gynostemma leaf benefits because it has no harm to your body. Today, you will find athletes going for it like never before as it gives them strength which is a prerequisite in their careers. 

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Incredible Health Benefits of Jiaogulan Tea

Jiaogulan, also called Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, is a name of a plant which is usually found in China along with few other Asian countries. This plant grows wild and it has been utilized as an energizing as well as medicinal tea for many years. It is consumed by huge number of people residing in the areas where it grows. It is somewhat similar to Ginseng in terms of the functions and chemical composition. This is also denoted as the Herb of Immortality due to the amazing health benefits and anti-aging effects that it provides.

Why should Jiaogulan be consumed?

Jiaogulan Tea when consumed offers effective and real medicinal value to the body. In a crux, this amazing herb works to prevent cancer, delays the process of aging, enhances the level of immunity in the body, lowers down the level of cholesterol, as well as control the blood fat. In China, the research studies have proved that Jiaogulan lowers the cholesterol in the body by making the liver efficient in sending the carbohydrates and sugar to the muscles so that it can be converted into energy. If this is not done, the sugar would be stored in the body as fats.

Furthermore, the good cholesterol is increased thereby eliminating the bad cholesterol from the body. Jiaogulan Tea is capable of lowering the fat accumulation in the blood vessels, reducing the level of blood fat in the body and improvising the fat metabolism. The digestion system can also be improved with its regular intake. A thin person can not only gain weight but also absorb the nutrients, essential for a healthy body. Jiaogulan Tea inherits all the natural and herbal ingredients which are needed to stay fit and energetic.


Benefits of Jiaogulan

· Protection Against Cancer

This herb does wonders in preventing the growth of cancer cells or tumor in the body. It has been seen that the consumption of Jiaogulan Tea by the cancer patients has helped in improving the count of white blood cell in one’s body. It is competent enough to fight against the diseases related to skin, brain, lungs, thymus, kidney, uterus and prostate. Also, this is given to the patients involved in the cancer related therapies like chemotherapy and radiation. It helps in strengthening the resistance power which enhances the ability of the patient to recover.

· Reduced Risk of Heart Attacks

The chances of attacks or strokes are decreased immensely with this product in a way that it prevents the blood to clot. The blood platelets are restricted from sticking to one another, which is the cause behind such strokes. Furthermore, it also curbs the arteries from clogging which assists in lowering the risk of heart attack.

· Younger Looking Skin

Jiaogulan Tea works well in avoiding the signs of aging and so you can look younger. This will make you live and meet people confidently. It is a better alternative rather than applying cream or eating pills to attain such flawless skin. Appreciations are not far off with the regular intake of this beneficial tea. 

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Essential Teaware

tea-wares-3Tea sets are nice additions to your home’s kitchen and dining sets, especially for tea aficionados. There is simplicity and indescribable art in tea making. If you’re looking for a new set as a gift or your own collection, here’s an overview of essential teaware.

Teapots – there are different types of teapots based on the material it’s made of – ceramic, porcelain, glass, cast iron and Yixing. Ceramic and porcelain have long been used in Asian history for tea. High heat retention and glaze properties that protect it from absorbing flavors make it ideal for all types of teas. However there are the traditional Yixing teapots that are made of clay without any glaze. They’re often used to brew strong flavoured-tea like oolong and black tea, and meant to retain flavour and color.

Clear glass teapots are great for those who enjoy brewing herbal flowering teas. There’s sheer beauty in watching the magic of colors and tea infusion. You can use the color intensity as an indicator of flavour and steeping time. The only disadvantage to this is that you can’t put it directly to a stove or freezer. On the other hand, cast iron teapots can double as tea kettles and can hold heat longer than the other types.

Infusers – To fully enjoy the flavors, brew loose leaf tea with a good infuser. Among the popular ones are the mesh tea and stainless infuser ball. This allows full steeping and prevents the leaves from mixing with water. Some versions also come with handles or tongs instead of chains. Some teapots come with fitting tea baskets that are also made of metal mesh.

Tea Measuring Spoon – One scoop is perfect for loose tea brewing for single cup of tea. In traditional Japanese teaware, this is called chashaku which is made of bamboo stick with curved end.

Tea Whisk – Made of bamboo and specifically designed for Matcha tea, this is used to mix the powder in a small bowl with hot water.

Tea cups – Most often made from matching material with that of the teapot, tea cups can come with or without handles. Traditional Chinese Gaiwan and Japanese tea cups are made of porcelain or clay, does not have handles but can come with matching saucer and cover. In Morocco, tea is often served on glasses with engraved brass, and gold patterns. Modern tea cups with handles were introduced by Europeans, and classic ones were designed with intricate hand painted art and with rims glazed with gold or silver. There are also exquisite tea cups made of silver and gold.

Automatic Tea Maker – These are similar to your programmable electric coffee makers. Most models have glass tea pots with integrated tea basket or infuser. You can set the temperature and steeping time.

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