A Brief Look at Dried Mulberries Glycemic Index

morus-alba090615-8990durhamzLately, it seems that more-and-more individuals are getting interested in finding out more about dried mulberries  index. This is seen from the surge in enquiries and searches especially online. Glycemic Index (GI) plays a vital role in the world of healthy living. People seeking to improve their health by losing extra weight, improving their cardiovascular system always pay attention to this index. This also applies to people who suffer from blood sugar (insulin) related ailments such as type II diabetes.

What Is Glycemic Index (GI)?

GI is a new standard that is used to measure the amount of blood sugar in the system after consuming a meal that contains carbohydrates. It measures how quickly the blood sugar rises and for how long it remains in the body. Foods that rapidly spike the blood sugar are said to have high GI. Foods that are digested slowly and don’t lead to a rapid rise in blood glucose are classified as having low glycemic index. A good example of low GI food is dried mulberry.

Which Is The Best GI?

GI ranges from 0 to 100 and is generally classified in three main categories. There is the high GI, which is greater than 70, medium GI that lies between 56 and 69, and low GI which is less than 55. Low GI is the most efficient as it means that the carbohydrates are not quickly turned into glucose. This ensures the blood sugar remains low. High blood sugar is blamed for a variety of diseases, which include; type II diabetes, stroke, metabolic syndrome, depression, neural tube defects, chronic kidney disease, cancer of the colon and many others.

Why Go For Dried Mulberry?

Dried mulberry is regarded as one of the best low GI foods. It has been used for many centuries for both nutritional as well as medicinal purposes. Consuming mulberry ensures that the glycemic index is kept low thus helps in weight loss as well as inhibiting diseases such as gallstones, uterine fibroids, neural tube defects, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and cancer of the pancreas among other ailments. In addition, dried mulberry is rich in essential nutrients that help improve a person’s health. Notable compounds include vitamins, proteins, minerals, antioxidants, high fiber, and more.

Consuming dried mulberry comes handy in keeping the levels of blood sugar low thus combating several diseases. It also helps people lose weight as it reduces the absorption of bad cholesterol. Apart from dried mulberries glycemic index being low, the food has high fiber content, which bloats the stomach thus reducing food craving.

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