The Health Benefits of Gynostemma

  As people become aware of health matters, they now tend to only eat the right foods that will benefit their bodies. Various beverages contain caffeine and if you want to minimize its intake, you need not to shun your favorite drink for good. There is always an alternative that can serve your purpose without adding caffeine to your body. For example, if you love tea and don’t want it to contain caffeine, you can take advantage of a special one. Gynostemma tea is one of those beverages that will make you invigorated without having to induce any caffeine. There are many Gynostemma leaf benefits and that is why its gaining more and popularity across the globe. If you want to recharge and rebalance, then this special tonic beverage is ultimately for you without inducing any caffeine.

How its Used

  First and foremost, its important to mention that this tea is usually made from a Chinese herb that is always extracted from a green leafy tree known as Gynostemma. The Gynostemma tea can be combined with other types of tea to prepare an awesome beverage. If you are an overworked person and you want to get rejuvenated without taking any stimulant drink that contains caffeine, then this tea is for you. It will improve your immune system while kicking away your stress among many other Gynostemma leaf benefits that you are going to see in a while. 

What is Gynostemma Really?

  The Chinese name for this plant is called “Jiaogulan” while its scientific name is Gynostemma pentaphyllum. Gynostemma is basically a climbing tree that is five leafed. It does come from the family of Cucurbitaceae like cucumber but the difference is that it does not bare any fruit that is edible. 

  The ideal place for planting Gynostemma is where the climate is moderate hence it can do well not only in China, Thailand but also in both Southern and Western coastal areas of the United States. If you are not living in such coastal areas of the U.S, that does not mean that you will not reap from the Gynostemma leaf benefits as the tea can still be imported from China and Thailand to where you are right now. 

 You don’t have to grow it to enjoy its benefits. You just need to make a purchase of the ready one. In most cases, those who are lucky to grow Gynostemma plant in their gardens can directly take advantage of the Gynostemma leaf benefits by preparing its tea at the comfort of their own homes. It can either be used fresh or when it has dried. 

History of Gynostemma

  According to recorded notes, its believed that the first person to study this plant was Li Shi-Zhen and he did that in 1578. The herbalist recommended Jiaogulan for treatment of both tumors and traumas. The recent research on Jiaogulan started in the 1970s. Its sweet components influence the scientists to want to known more about the plant. It acted as a substitute and Dr. Tsunematsu and Dr. Masahiro Nagai found out that the leaves of Gynostemma was rich in saponins and other elements that were similar to its but contained other elements that could differentiate them. Saponins do come in various compounds which offers a vast health benefits according to the research. 

The Gynostemma Health Benefits

There are many Gynostemma leaf benefits as you are going to see here:

  • Adaptogenic Herb. What is an adaptogenic herb or plant? This is a plant that has been proven to help in making your body remain balanced. Few plants can be considered to be that and surprisingly, Jiaogulan is one of the famous adaptogenic plant as it makes your body normal. 
  • Strength and Stamina. To live a normal life, one has to have both strength and stamina. By using Jiaogulan tea, you will have enough of this hence cases of mental or physical illness and stress will be reduced by consuming the tea. 
  • Body System. The other amazing Gynostemma leaf benefits is that its tea will be of great help to your digestive, reproductive, immune and cardiovascular systems. Who will shy away from drinking such a miraculous tea if it offers such great benefits to your entire body system? 
  • Weight Control. By now everyone globally acknowledges the fact that excess weight is a key to life threatening diseases and conditions too. Having that said what next do you need to do? The answer is probably to lose excess weight as soon as possible. Thanks to Gynostemma leaf benefits as it also states that this tea helps in losing excess weight. As an adaptogen herb, it does help in body balancing. A person who is overweight and drinks this tea will reduce that excess weight. On the other hand if you are unlucky to be skinny, drink this tea and it won’t take long before you have a normal body size. 
  • Normal Blood Sugar Levels. Maintaining a normal blood sugar level is a key to good health. Using this tea has been proven to help maintain a normal blood sugar level. The tea also keeps your blood cleansed by getting rid of unwanted fat. 
  • Immune System Cleansing. As an antioxidant, Gynostemma will offer great benefits to your immune system. The number of white blood cells in your body will increase drastically when using the tea meaning that your body will be less vulnerable to diseases. When your immune system is working normally, then should your nervous system too. If this tea achieves that as proven, then be sure that when you are down because of stress, it will lift you up undoubtedly. 

  All that can be said about Gynostemma leaf benefits is that they are overwhelming. There are other many health benefits of using this tea and they include; improvement of sexual function, fight fatigue, anti-aging drink and in lowering cholesterol level. Everyone is recommended to use this tea as per the Gynostemma leaf benefits because it has no harm to your body. Today, you will find athletes going for it like never before as it gives them strength which is a prerequisite in their careers.