Sun Dried White Mulberry Recipes

dscf2773Mulberries have long been a favourite among children with its super sweetness. The same may not be said for mothers, as these stains were a pain to remove from clothing, forcing moms to ban their children from eating it. These staining qualities were perfect in some parts of the world, as it was an effective dye for clothing and linens. That being said, the white mulberries which are more predominant in Asia seem to have caught the attention of foodies and health enthusiasts across the globe. A delicious addition to a variety of dishes, this little treat will have you asking for a second portion. Let’s have a look at a few Sun Dried White Mulberry recipes.

**Orange and White Mulberry Muffins**

The zestiness of the orange and chewiness of the mulberry makes for an exciting combo.

1 whole orange including rind (seeds removed and blended, rind finely ground, use orange juice below to make it a bit easier)
Half a cup of orange juice
Half a cup of sun-dried white mulberries
An egg
Three tablespoons of margarine
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
3/4 cup whole wheat flour
A teaspoon baking powder
A teaspoon baking soda
Half a cup of brown sugar

Preheat the oven to 400 F. Mix the orange pulp and ground rind with the mulberries, egg and margarine. Mix all the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Once thoroughly mixed, add the two together and stir gently. Once mixed, add to a greased muffin pan and bake for about 15 minutes. The tins should only be filled 2/3 to ensure the best results. This recipe should deliver 12 large muffins.

**Hazelnut and white mulberry waffle topper**

This recipe is great for use inside a pancake as well. It’s delicious when serve with some freshly whipped cream.

A cup of Nutella
Half a cup of pouring cream
A tablespoon of chopped nuts (of your choice)
Half a cup of sun-dried white mulberries
Half a teaspoon of cinnamon

Pour a third of the cream in a bowl and add in the Nutella. Stir slowly and add in the cream sporadically to ensure a smooth consistency. Slowly add in the nuts, mulberries and cinnamon. Serve this with piping hot pancakes or waffles with a dash of whipped cream. A great addition here is some freshly sliced banana.

**White Mulberry Tea**

Perfect for those lazy summer days after some fun in the sun, this is one Iced Tea you will want to have around for any summer occasion.

4 Black tea bags
4 Cups of water
A cup of pear juice
Half a cup of sun-dried mulberries
Sugar to taste

In a large saucepan, bring the pear juice to boil and add the mulberries. Allow to simmer until the mixture starts thickening slightly whilst continuously stirring. It should resemble a reduction but not quite a jam. Add the water and the tea bags, allowing the tea to strain. Once it reaches the desired strength, add sugar to taste. Allow to cool down in the saucepan and then transfer to a pitcher and chill in the fridge for a few hours. It is best served in a chilled glass over some crushed ice. Add a sprig of mint for added freshness.

Mulberry Tea Side Effects: What you should know?

green teaMulberry tea is rich in a variety of nutrients including minerals and vitamins that can play an essential role in disease prevention and treatment. Research has revealed that this tea can be useful for people who suffer from a variety of illnesses including diabetes and high blood pressure. It has also proved valuable for those who want to lose weight. But you need to be aware of potential mulberry tea side effects before you use it. Here are some of the conditions you can develop.

Reduced Blood Sugar

This tea can reduce blood sugar, leading to confusion, tremors, excessive sweating, headaches, dizziness and distorted vision. You should contact your doctor as soon as you notice any one of these symptoms after using the tea. Precaution is particularly necessary for people who have preexisting medical conditions.

Allergy Concerns

You may develop an allergic reaction after taking the tea. Studies have demonstrated that the tea has several pollen grains that can cause irritation. Some of the allergic reactions you should look out for include difficulty breathing, hives, increased heart rate, and swelling. Stop taking the tea once you develop any of these reactions. You should also get in touch with your doctor for medical attention.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Researchers are yet to identify any adverse effects related to mulberry tea use during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. However, expectant and lactating women are advised to avoid it because there has no evidence on how it affects the baby. You can enjoy its benefits after you have your baby and stop breastfeeding.

Kidney Problems

Mulberries are quite rich in potassium and this can be a concern for persons who suffer from kidney diseases. Your kidneys are supposed to get rid of excess potassium from your body but this is impossible if their function is impaired by disease. High potassium levels can cause nausea and irregular or slow heart rate. You can even collapse if your heart rate becomes too slow or stops. Avoid the tea if you have been diagnosed with any kidney problem.

Insulin Suppression

Mulberry tea can suppress insulin secretion. This is because it reduces blood sugar especially after a meal and this can be potentially dangerous if you suffer from diabetes and are using insulin. It may be necessary to adjust the amount of insulin you take to control your blood sugar levels while you take the tea.

Medication Contradictions

It can contradict with some medications such as the ones used to manage diabetes. The tea can make you prone to developing hypoglycemia. This is why it is advisable to work with your doctor to determine if it is necessary to adjust the medication to accommodate the tea. You should also keep track of your blood sugar if you choose to take it.

There is no doubt that mulberry tea can provide various health benefits but you need to take precautions if you have a medical condition. Your doctor is the best person to consult to establish if the tea is safe and beneficial for your condition. Overlooking the side effects can put you at risk of developing serious complications.

Mulberry tea diabetes treatment

0c4104603adec67fa24fe1f99dc65d28For centuries now, mulberry tea has been used as treatment for diabetes mellitus in Asia. Multiple studies that have been conducted on mulberry tea have shown that indeed this herbal extract can help to reduce glucose level for people with type 2 diabetes. One of the most unique qualities of mulberry tea that has made it to be used to prevent and control diabetes is its natural ability of preventing sugar from entering the blood stream. Scientific studies that have been conducted by researchers have found out that this herbal tea contains compound that helps to inhibit intestinal enzymes from passing sugar into the blood stream. They also found out that this inhibitor can only be found from the mulberry leaf which is used to make mulberry tea. By having the ability to prevent large amounts of monosaccharide from entering the bloodstream, this herbal tea can also aid in weight loss, a factor that contributes to diabetes.

Controlling blood sugar level is vital in preventing diabetes. When blood sugar levels rises in the body, the body usually respond by producing high levels of insulin to help counter the effect. The results is insulin resistant, a condition that can cause type 2 diabetes if it is not checked and managed in time. Diabetes is a very complicated disease with many ramifications among them increased risk for cataracts and atherosclerosis. Mulberry tea has an inhibitor than can help control sugar levels in your blood thus helping to prevent both type 1 and 2 diabetes.

People who are overweight and obese also have high chances of being diabetic. Mulberry tea not only contain an inhibitor that helps to control glucose in the blood, this tea also help in weight loss. Various clinical studies that have been conducted on this natural herb has found out that it contains ingredients that aid in weight loss a factor that help to prevent diabetes. By aiding in waft loss, this natural herb also helps to control diabetes, which is a common condition that usually affects people who are overweight and obese.

Diabetes has been linked strongly to oxidative stress caused by insufficient antioxidants in the blood level. Various scientific studies have shown that people with diabetes have antioxidants levels that is significantly low than normal. Mulberry tea has proven to have strong antioxidants properties that not only help to reduce the risk of cancer and cellular damage, it also help to prevent and manage diabetes. Mulberry is rich in ascorbic acid, polyphenol and flavonoid that are strong antioxidants. The ingredient that are only found in mulberry leaf have been clinically proven to help prevent both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Mulberry tea is also rich in minerals such as zinc and calcium that not only help to strengthen the immune system but they also help to control the blood sugar level. As result, people who take mulberry tea usually enrich themselves with vital minerals that greatly help to control blood sugar levels thus aiding to control diabetes. Mulberry tea also contain high garlic acid content that help to lower blood glucose a thus preventing the chances of getting diabetes.

How to dry mulberry leaves for tea

images“A tea, out of mulberry leaves? Are you kidding me?” This could be the first thought for many, when they went through this topic of “How to dry mulberry leaves for tea”. Trust me, when compared to all other tea like Assam tea, lemon tea, green tea and etc. the tea made out of mulberry leaves has much more medicinal value. This does not mean that other teas are not that good for health; but the mulberry tea has higher heath rate when compared to others.

Important Health Benefits of Mulberry Leaves

High Anti Oxidant:

Are you a smoker? Then sure this property of this tea would be a blessed one for you. Normally our cells tend to get damaged while smoking and also due to free radical effect. Such damaged cells shall be effectively replaced by regular consumption of mulberry tea.

Weight Loss:

If you are planning to lose your weight, then have a try of mulberry tea daily in the morning the sooner you wake up from bed. This has been a proven effect on many individual even though the result may vary from individual to individual.

Lowers Blood Glucose Level:

This mulberry tea works well for diabetic patients in bringing down their blood glucose level. Not only for diabetic patients, even a normal individual can consume this tea to maintain their blood glucose level.

“The effects of mulberry tea are really uncountable, I agree on that but what are the ways to prepare the leaves for tea? Can we prepare at home or we have by it out?” this is what your next question is? Then definitely my answer is, ” you don’t have to run to a shop for buying mulberry tea leaves as I got the most effective way of preparing the leaves for better tea at home”.

 Preparing Mulberry Leaves For Tea:

You cannot pluck the mulberry leaves and directly put them into boiling water, as that could not give you the best result. There are some procedures to be followed in drying the leaves and packing. Here follows:

Pluck The Healthy Leaves:

Here you have to be careful. Never pluck the leaves, which are very young; as they grow larger, it will be more useful for the next set. Look for the healthy and big leaves and pluck those. It would be advisable to pluck the leaves when the mulberry fruits begin to ripen, as the leaves will be healthy at that stage.

Cleaning the Leaves:

Make sure that the leaves are free from impurities or some insect nest. Wash those in good water.


The washed leaves should now be spread along the area where sunshine is heavier. Allow it for 2 to 3 days in the sun depending upon the weather. The leaves have to be dried completely. Dry it in a way that the leaves are crispy and breakable.

Crush The Leaves:

Now the dried leaves are ready for crushing, just crush those with your hands. Make sure that you do not make the leaves powdery, just a gentle and normal crush is good enough; and finally pack those in an air tight container.

Yes, it is done. Your mulberry leaves are ready for making an awesome mulberry tea. Just put some leaves in water, boil and drink warm; lead a health life.

Benefits of white mulberry leaf tea

White mulberry is an herb that was originally discovered in china but with time it has spread to several parts of United States. Fruits from white mulberry have a plain taste as opposed to white and black mulberry which are rich in taste and flavor. Leaves from white mulberry make herbal tea that is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine. The Chinese have been using this herbal leaf tea for ages and with growing need to go back to natural remedies, this remedy is now acceptable in many parts of the world.

What are the health benefits of white mulberry leaf tea?

1. Anti-diabetic properties.

The Leaves once grounded are reduce diabetic symptoms by curbing sugar spikes. People with type 2 diabetes experience sugar spikes that can be easily toned-down by grounded leaves in form of tea. People living with diabetes can take this tea as a control measure while the rest can use it as prevention to keep sugar levels in check at all times.

How does this work?

Research says it slows down break down and absorption of carbohydrates in the small intestines. Carbohydrates are known to increase sugar levels in the body so by reducing their absorption sugar is maintained at minimum levels. Sugar absorbed in the blood stream is reduced so diabetic people don’t have to worry about controlling constant sugar spikes in the body.

2. Lowering cholesterol levels.

High cholesterol in the body is the cause of many lifestyle disease people struggle with. For instance, cholesterol which is also known as bad fat surrounds the heart causing cardiovascular diseases. High blood pressure, obesity and diabetes are also caused by high cholesterol level. Taking this herbal tea at least three times a day significantly reduces cholesterol levels in the body in turn reducing risk of life style diseases.

How does this work?

A cup white mulberry leaf tea is filled with fibers that are essential to help eliminate body cholesterol. Taking only a cup in the evening will give you sufficient fiber that is enough to get rid of cholesterol without depending on any other source of fiber.

3. Reducing risk of cancer.

Based on Chinese traditional medicine it greatly reduces risk of cancer. This is because white mulberry tea contains minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium and antioxidants that eliminate toxins from the environment and food we take.

How does this work?

During digestion or exposure to radiation, cells are damaged due to presence of free radicals. This is what causes growth of cancerous cells leading to cancer. Important ingredients such beta carotene, ascorbic acid and other essential minerals that inhibit growth of cancerous cells in the body.

4. Anti-inflammatory properties.

Another important benefit is the ability to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation has a result of chronic conditions has been treated where patients are given a cup of this tea since time in memorial. Apart from reducing inflammation in the affected areas it also reduces pain caused by inflammation.

How does this work?

White mulberry tea inhibits agents responsible for inflammation in the body and this in turn prevents inflammation in any part of the body.

5. Weight management.

This a very a good alternative for people who want to manage their weight. The numerous minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates present in the grounded leaves are essential to keep the body healthy at all times.

How does this work?

White mulberry is low in carbohydrates, fats and sugar which are the many causes of excess weight. The leaves used to make white mulberry tea have low sugars which means you don’t have to worry about adding excess calories which lead to weight gain.

6. Proper digestion.

Research has shown benefits of this tea for people with digestion problems who people who want to improve digestion so it is good when taken at night after meals to aid in digestion.

How does this work?

The amount of fiber contained in the leaves makes it essential for proper digestion. Fiber is good for proper bowel movement for people who suffer from constipation or have problems in passing loose stool.

Side effects of white mulberry leaf tea.

Just like any other form of medication this tea should be taken in moderation to prevent possible side effects that associated with over use. The following are some of the common side effects associated with over use are:

Skin irritation.

In some people skin irritation may occur when the grounded leaves come into contact with the skin. This is not an over use side effect but some cases of skin irritation have been reported in a small percentage of people. There was no skin irritation in most of the people who came into contact with the grounded leaves.


White mulberry leaves can affect kidneys due to accumulation of potassium in the kidneys. This because they are filled with minerals like zinc, iron, calcium and potassium and over use leads to buildup of potassium. This may lead to complications in people already with kidney conditions.

Interaction with other drugs.

Studies have shown that it interacts very well with other drugs used in treatment of diabetes. However interaction with other drugs has not been known therefore should not be used with any other drugs or direction should be sought from a physician before use. Research about further interactions is still underway.

Use in pregnancy and lactation period.

Nothing has been said about the use of this herbal tea during lactation and pregnancy so it’s safe to stay away from white mulberry leaf tea until after pregnancy and lactation. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not use white mulberry.

White mulberry leaf tea as proven to be a super food and a natural remedy that has been accepted in many parts of the world. This herbal tea is based on the facts of Chinese traditional medicine which is a form of treatment accepted in many parts of the world. In the treatment of diabetes white mulberry leaf tea is widely accepted and many people are using it a substitute of tea due to its rich taste and healing benefits.