How to dry mulberry leaves for tea

images“A tea, out of mulberry leaves? Are you kidding me?” This could be the first thought for many, when they went through this topic of “How to dry mulberry leaves for tea”. Trust me, when compared to all other tea like Assam tea, lemon tea, green tea and etc. the tea made out of mulberry leaves has much more medicinal value. This does not mean that other teas are not that good for health; but the mulberry tea has higher heath rate when compared to others.

Important Health Benefits of Mulberry Leaves

High Anti Oxidant:

Are you a smoker? Then sure this property of this tea would be a blessed one for you. Normally our cells tend to get damaged while smoking and also due to free radical effect. Such damaged cells shall be effectively replaced by regular consumption of mulberry tea.

Weight Loss:

If you are planning to lose your weight, then have a try of mulberry tea daily in the morning the sooner you wake up from bed. This has been a proven effect on many individual even though the result may vary from individual to individual.

Lowers Blood Glucose Level:

This mulberry tea works well for diabetic patients in bringing down their blood glucose level. Not only for diabetic patients, even a normal individual can consume this tea to maintain their blood glucose level.

“The effects of mulberry tea are really uncountable, I agree on that but what are the ways to prepare the leaves for tea? Can we prepare at home or we have by it out?” this is what your next question is? Then definitely my answer is, ” you don’t have to run to a shop for buying mulberry tea leaves as I got the most effective way of preparing the leaves for better tea at home”.

 Preparing Mulberry Leaves For Tea:

You cannot pluck the mulberry leaves and directly put them into boiling water, as that could not give you the best result. There are some procedures to be followed in drying the leaves and packing. Here follows:

Pluck The Healthy Leaves:

Here you have to be careful. Never pluck the leaves, which are very young; as they grow larger, it will be more useful for the next set. Look for the healthy and big leaves and pluck those. It would be advisable to pluck the leaves when the mulberry fruits begin to ripen, as the leaves will be healthy at that stage.

Cleaning the Leaves:

Make sure that the leaves are free from impurities or some insect nest. Wash those in good water.


The washed leaves should now be spread along the area where sunshine is heavier. Allow it for 2 to 3 days in the sun depending upon the weather. The leaves have to be dried completely. Dry it in a way that the leaves are crispy and breakable.

Crush The Leaves:

Now the dried leaves are ready for crushing, just crush those with your hands. Make sure that you do not make the leaves powdery, just a gentle and normal crush is good enough; and finally pack those in an air tight container.

Yes, it is done. Your mulberry leaves are ready for making an awesome mulberry tea. Just put some leaves in water, boil and drink warm; lead a health life.

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