Mulberry tea and its significance to the body

                 meditation-application-review-for-healthy-body-and-mind1What is Mulberry Tea?

Mulberry tea simply refers to an all-natural, caffeine free drink that is packed with different healthy minerals and vitamins. It is commonly taken to help counter the effects of health conditions such as symptoms of cold, weight loss, diabetes, blood vessel problems etc. The tea is got from the leaves of the mulberry tree, which though was once indigenous to Asia is now being grown across the entire globe. It is equally worth noting that presently, there are at least 10 well-known species of the mulberry tree. Topping this list of mulberry trees are the White and black mulberry trees. The mulberry tree usually produces green leaves as it grows. This is what is harvested in autumn after which they are thoroughly dried as part of the preparation to be used in making the tea.
Records indicate that the cultivation of mulberry trees has been going on in china for slightly over 3,000 years today. In fact, the same reports indicate that the ancient Chinese people used the mulberry tree to raise silkworms, for food, for making of paper and most importantly for its medicinal qualities.

Uses of mulberry tea
The tea is mainly used to:

– Reduce the level of cholesterol within the body
– Reduce the level of blood sugar as well as treat diabetes
– Help encourage weight loss
– Support healthy blood function

– Help prevent as well as recover from cold symptoms

– Help fight cold symptoms

Key components of Mulberry tea

It contains:

– Immune-boosting antioxidants
– Potassium, sodium and calcium
– Amino acids
– Magnesium, iron and 0.01% caffeine at most
– Vitamins A, B1, B2 and C

Apart from being used in traditional Chinese medicine, the mulberry leaf also has a history of being used to expel wind as well as clear heat, improving vision as well as clearing the liver. In addition to the above, other equally important uses of the traditional Chinese medicine included relieving cough, curing dizziness, curing dysentery, treating stomachache, curing cold symptoms, promoting healthy blood, strengthening of the eyes, supporting the liver function as well as sustaining youthful skin to mention the least.
What are the health benefits of mulberry tea?

As strange as it may sound, mulberry tea usually contains up to 25 times more calcium than normal milk. In addition to that, mulberry leaves also have up to 10 times more iron than spinach as well as over twice the amount of fiber that is usually present in green tea. This clearly explains why it was used in china for a couple of thousands of years as a medicinal herb. In fact, the mulberry tree leave’s history mainly contributes to its present use as not only a preventive but also treatment measure for a variety of health issues.

Taking into consideration all of the above, it is evident that mulberry tea stands to benefit the body is several different ways. This being the case, you should make a point as well as feel free to take this tea in order to make the body much healthier.

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