Jiaogulan: The best herb to manage your blood sugar

yoga (1)Jiaogulan is one of the latest herbal sensations. It’s sometimes regarded as Southern Ginseng since it’s grown in South central China and used in similar ways like ginseng. It’s used for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and also improving heart function. Also, Jiaogulan is used for increasing stamina and endurance, strengthening your immune system, increasing resistance to the environmental stress, preventing hair loss as well as improving your memory. It’s said to act like an adaptogen, which is a substance said to protect your body from harmful effects of the chronic stress.

 Which are some of the health benefits of Jiaogulan?

Jiaogulan and managing diabetes

Advocates of this particular herb normally claim that it can actually improve your circulation and also lower the blood sugar. Various studies indicate that it can lower cholesterol levels simply by causing the liver to convert much more sugar and also carbohydrates into energy, rather than triglycerides that are stored by the body in form of fat. The extract of this plant can lower your body mass index and triglycerides levels, liver fat, and insulin resistance. Jiaogulan normally contain saponins that are natural detergents. Saponins can comfortably bind with the bile acids, which help to reduce cholesterol.

Banish stress

When you are tense, you tend to produce hormones. These hormones stimulate your nervous system that makes you even tenser hence triggering more stress hormones. In fact, athletes who took it before any competition reported feeling less as well as more focused. Jiaogulan therefore caters for stress banishing.

Heal your heart

High blood pressure and cholesterol may damage your heart’s arteries. However, studies show that by taking just 300 mg for about two weeks, it can lower the high blood pressure to the normal. This is simply because Jiaogulan boosts the production of nitric oxide, which is a chemical that normally releases the blood vessel walls.

Powers up the immune system

The ability of Jiaogulan to keep the stress hormones under control makes it a very powerful immunity-booster. As a matter of facts, stress hormones normally weaken immunity. But with Jiaogulan, it prevents these hormones from flooding your system which can make you much more vulnerable to illness. Additionally, research shows that a daily dose can cut down the risk of colds, infections, and flu by 33%. Also, it usually boosts infection-fighting blood cells. In a day, 240 mg of Jiaogulan can cut down cancer-cell production by 30%.

These are some of the health benefits of Jiaogulan. However, if you are considering using it for a certain health purpose, ensure that you confer with your physician first.

Jiaogulan Tincture Characteristics

Free-Shiping-500G-JIAOGULAN-Herbal-Tea-Leaves-Gynostemma-Pentaphylla-For-Protecting-Heart-Free-GiftTincture is the best alternative to teas and other ways of using the plant. The best thing about the tincture is that it preserves all the chemicals and natural characteristics of the plant, like vitamins and minerals. The tincture can be good against high cholesterol levels and improving the performance of the liver. The sediments from the blood vessels can be removed. If you don’t know how to make Jiaogulan tincture, you can choose from two main methods: with Vodka and with vinegar.

Making the Tincture with Vodka

You can make the tincture by using alcohol (Vodka), or by using apple cider vinegar. In order to prepare Jiaogulan tincture with Vodka, you need an empty jar in which you will place the leaves. Then, you have to pour some Vodka until the leaves are covered and place the lid on the jar. You can continue with more leaves if you want and make sure the recipient is shaken every day. By shaking it once or twice a day for a full month, you will start to see bubble forming. This means that the active ingredients of the plant are working.

The final phase is squeezing the leaves and separating them from the liquid. You have to store the obtained liquid in a cool and dry place. There are some other alcoholic drinks that you can use. The purpose is to extract the right ingredients and then help them to be assimilated by the body easier.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

This recipe can be used with different other alcoholic beverages than vodka or with apple cider vinegar. You start with five teaspoons of Jiaogulan powder and two of agar powder. Then, you need granulated sugar: a few tablespoons. After you pour some drops of jasmine essence of rose into 500ml of heated water, the last ingredient to add is Jiaogulan. You have to let the ingredients to mix for twenty minutes. Pour the liquid into a sauce pan and then put the agar onto it to dissolve.

After you add some sugar, you need to boil the whole content slowly. The purpose is to let all the ingredients to completely dissolve into the liquid. Add some flower essence and pour the content in multiple bowls. Once the mixture has cooled down at room temperature, place all the bowls into the fridge.

Administering the Jiaogulan Tincture

The administration is easy. All you have to do is to take one to three teaspoons every day. The tincture has to be used in moderation. People with any intolerance related to alcohol must consult a doctor before they make an alcohol-based tincture.

What is Jiaogulan used for in the field of medicine?

gx190-350a-green-tea_1920x1200_59968Time and lifestyles keep changing and this has an overhaul effect on our health. Even with the advancement in the medical field, there is a continuous increase in the number of deaths around the world and there in an increase in some of the most life threatening disease. Lifestyle change however, has taken the whole blame since research has shown that most of the life threatening diseases are as a result of poor feeding habits and lack of exercise. Many people prefer fast foods and they end up ingesting poison in their health systems. This coupled with a stressful working environment and other bad habits leads to serious medical conditions.

The life expectancy rate all over the world has been going down every other year. This is as a result of the changes in lifestyle and behavior. It is very common to hear of cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, memory loss among other life threatening conditions. It is hard to change the lifestyle of most people at this age and time hence we will continue to handle such diseases. The good news however is that we have jiaogulan.

Jiaogulan is a herb that belongs to the class called adaptogens and it helps in restoring the body to its natural balance without causing negative side effects. It is particularly useful to people who work in stressing environments as it triggers the body to produce hormones that combat stress. It is also useful in times of change especially if movement is involved. It gives the mind that natural calming effect and you can easily adapt to the new environment. The big question over the years however has been; what is jiaogulan used for in medicine as a field.

As shown earlier, jiaogulan plays a vital role in the fight against the cardiovascular diseases. Medical research has shown that the herb helps in the handling of cholesterol in the body by regulating it and ensuring that it is metabolized. It improves digestion hence you have less stomach complications which in turn ensures maximum nutrients absorption in the body. The fact that jiaogulan has a calming effect reduces stress and fatigue in the body system and it slows down the aging process not to mention that you get a better reasoning capability. All these advantages and others have been shown through research. The herb has proven it value over the years, it is time to tried it out!

Health Benefits and Uses of Organic Gynostemma


Organic gynostemma is a powerful adaptogen tonic drink. The herb traces its roots from China where the natives commonly refer to it as a miracle grass or magic grass because of its numerous health benefits and uses. Despite this amazing tonic being gentle on the system, it produces essential effects, which helps promote homeostasis. Its taste is delicious; making it an easy MUST HAVE daily drink. Currently, many people all over the world take organic gynostemma as an herbal tea for well-being as well as general health.


This is a potent herb, which is rich in mineral, vitamins, and amino acids. It also contains saponins and ginseno sides. The other benefits include:

Adaptogenic Herb

Tonic herbs that give balance to the body are known as adaptogen. Besides containing saponins, a common adaptogenic compound, the herb also has a less common adptogenic compound, known as gypenosides. These compounds make gynostemma an adaptogenic herb. According to research, an adaptogen is an important substance to the body since it helps protect the endocrine system of the body from the negative impacts of stress.


Gynostemma increases the ability of Superoxide dismutase (SOD); hence, a powerful antioxidant substance. SOD ensures the safety of your body by protecting it from the harmful damage of the free radicals. Moreover, it has anti-aging properties (the longevity-enhancing properties) that not only enables you live healthier but also helps you live longer.


Over the years, organic gynostemma has been studied comprehensively for its anticancer properties. It is perceived that this tonic herb has the ability to hinder the development of multiple cancerous cells. Studies have found positive results in the following cancers: esophagus, liver, kidney, adnominal, brain, tongue, mouth, breast, uterus and stomach.

Other benefits include controlling cholesterol and trigylcerides, increasing coronary flow and lowering high blood pressure.


Gynostemma is used to:

Increase Endurance and Strength

The herb increases, endurance, stamina, and strength; therefore, helps protect the body from both the mental and physical stress. Because of this, it is a popular herb among bodybuilders and athletes.

Build Lean Muscle

Organic gynostemma is known all over the world for its ability to control weight. It helps your body gain weight if you are too skinny or lose weight if you are too heavy. Ideally, it normalizes an individual’s body and helps it as it returns to a healthy weight.

Other uses are detoxing your body, enhancing the immune system and controlling blood sugar.

Side Effects

Organic gynostemma has no side effects and it is considered as one of the safest most universally positive herbs. However, depending on an individual, gynostemma might have mild side effects such as pressure on the chest, increased heart rate, rashes, dry throat & nose, fatigue, and lethargy. It is advisable to stop taking gynostemma and see a doctor if you experience such effects.

Jiaogulan tea recipes



Also known as miracle herb, Jiaogulan tea is one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the world. The tea is derived from a tree that’s growing in central china and it is also known as southern Ginseng since it is used in a similar way as ginseng.

The leave has been found to cure some treatments such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, improving heart function. Jiaogulan has is also used to strengthen immune system, increase stamina and endurance improving memory among many other uses. One of the most popular ways of serving Jiaogulan is girding it to make powder tea.

The simplest methods of powdering tea are by putting its leaves on a coffee girder or blender and blend the tea into fine powder. The powder can be added into cakes, cookies, pancakes crapes and muffins recipes. One can also make a Jiaogulan Tincture with vodka.

To make these drink, one need to have the following ingredients. First a glass jars preferably a black glass jar. 1 part of Jiaogulan vodka and five parts of 100 proof alcohol. In these recipe, we use Russia vodka standards.


  1. Prepare the glass jar and place Jiaogulan leaves in side. Make sure the glass jar has a tight lid.
  2. Cover the Jiaogulan leaves with vodka and close the glass jar
  3. Shake the solution well and store in a cool dry place
  4. Top-up the jar each and every day until all the leaves are covered with vodka.
  5. For the next thirty days, make sure you shake the jar once or twice per day
  6. After several days, there solution will start forming some bubbles. This is an indication of saponins which is the active ingredients produced by the herb.
  7. After thirty days, squeeze the leaves to remove all vodka trapped inside.
  8. After squeezing the leaves you can throw away the leaves. Some people, especially in china prefer keeping the leaves tincture for many years.

Serving Jiaogulan Tincture

From the above recipe, it’s evident that alcohol extracts the gypenosides from Jiaogulan and helps the active ingredients to get into the body as soon as possible. One can start taking the tincture by taking some few drops under the tongue for several days. After that you can adopt one of the following serving methods. First, the resulting tincture can be served by taking one two three teaspoons daily. Some people who have tried this serving method claim to get a scratchy throat or some time make them cough. If one is faced with similar problems, it’s advisable to use some water to dilute the solution or to chase it down the throat. A similar recipe can be made with vinegar instead of Vodka. However, the self-live of tincture made from vinegar is only one year making it less durable compared to the one made from alcohol. Other Jiaogulan tea recipes include preparing a jelly with using the powder tea as an ingredient and adding it to soft drinks. If well utilized Jiaogulan tea recipes can help the world get rid of chronic diseases and achieve better health for all .

The Right Jiaogulan Tea Dosage for You

Jiaogulan, also known as Gynostemma pentaphyllum,cup-of-green-tea is a climbing vine that is native to China, Korea and Japan. It is a member of the Cucurbitaceae plant family which also includes gourds, melons, cucumber and pumpkin. Drinking Jiaogulan tea can prove to be very beneficial for a healthy living. With proper Jiaogulan Tea dosage, you will be able to feel lighter and more energetic. There are many more health benefits credited to drinking Jiaogulan tea. Although there are no such documented toxicity interactions, over dosage can lead to some health complications.

The herb is reported to contain powerful adaptogenic and antioxidant properties that can increase your longevity. The herb is so powerful that is often called as “the herb of immortality” by the natives. The roots, stems and leaves of the plant are consumed for various health benefits. While including this tea in your daily diet, you must always consult a doctor for the right Jiaogulan tea dosage; else you could develop some serious health problems.

This article does all the hard work for you and presents the several health benefits and side effects of drinking this tea along with the right dosage (generic). This will help you decide on the right amount to be consumed, best suited for your lifestyle. Let’s start with the health benefits first.

Adaptogenic Benefits

The herb has long been used in traditional Chinese medicines due to its adaptogenic benefits. Jiaogulan is the most powerful adaptogen present in the market today. According to study carried out by Dr. Tsunematsu Takemoto and his team, the herb was found to contain 82 saponins. Saponins are the chemical source of adaptogens.

The adaptogenic properties of this herb benefit your brain to a larger extent. It has a biphasic effect on your brain’s functioning. In other words, it helps you reduce stress and also promotes homeostasis. Homeostasis is a condition where the body attains a state of balance by regulating several internal processes.

It may sound impossible, but this herb is also aids both weight loss and weight gain. It helps an overweight person’s body to process food efficiently, while it helps an underweight person absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from their consumptions. Besides, it also improves your immune system and endocrine system as well. The adaptogen properties of this “immortal herbs” regulate blood pressure. This in turn improves the endurance and stamina. It also helps fight HIV virus.

Antioxidant Characteristics

Also known as “miracle tea”, Jiaogulan is rich in some vital amino acids, vitamins and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and selenium. The chemical compounds present in Jiaogulan, gypenosides, enhances the functions of phagocytes and invades pathogens. Phagocytes are specialized white blood cells (WBC) that perform the task of digesting cellular waste products.

Cholesterol Supervision

Medical studies have shown that Jiaogulan tea lowers LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol levels. It has also been found to lower the blood sugar levels and enhance insulin sensitivity. It also has beneficial effects on cardiovascular systems, lowering the risks of hear related problems.

Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, the Jiaogulan tea has no recorded side effects of its own. However, over dosage can create some health complications. Some of the adverse effects of consuming this herb on large quantities can be/lead to:

  • Nausea and Upset Bowels
  • Birth defects
  • It may trigger bleeding if consumed alongside blood-thinning medicines like aspirin
  • Reverses or reduces the effect of immunosuppressant’s
  • Allergies


It is always recommended to consult a doctor before consuming Jiaogulan tea. Incorrect or inappropriate Jiaogulan tea dosage can lead to health problems if you are on a different medication from before. The herb is commonly consumed as tea. However, you can also consume it in forms of extract pills and capsules. You can easily get it from your nearby medical pharmacies, alternative or natural food stores and online stores.

For adults, a starter dosage could vary from 75 to 225 mg consumed 2 to 3 times a day, for four months in combination with a controlled diet for fatty liver. However, there is no proven safe dosage for children younger than 18 years. The herb is not at all recommended for pregnant women as it can cause birth defects. Women breastfeeding their children should also avoid this miracle herb.

Important Benefits of Jiaogulan Seeds

Hot-Sale-Free-Shipping-500g-Chinese-Herbal-Tea-Gynostemma-tea-Seven-Leaf-Ginseng--Lower-BloodGynostemma herb, also called Jiaogulan, belongs to the category or family of vines. It’s a climbing vine commonly found in many different parts of Southeast Asia, including China, Thailand and Japan. Therefore, Jiaogulan herb is closely related to cucumber, watermelon, gourd and pumpkin. According to many different studies and research, there are numerous benefits of Jiaogulan seeds in supplement or tea form. A lot of medical professionals recommend Jiaogulan for many different health problems.

According to studies and research, there are not any drug interactions or toxicity. However, you should still consider the supplement’s recommended dosage. If you take an overdose, you may suffer from nausea. In addition to this, you should not consume Jiaogulan supplements during breastfeeding and pregnancy. Here are some important benefits of Jiaogulan. 

Weight Loss

When you take Jiaogulan in supplement form, it’s completely natural and safe. When you buy this supplement, you notice positive results within a short period of time. This supplement boosts your basal metabolic rate. This allows your body to burn a good amount of fat. In addition to this, your body starts burning fat rapidly. With a good metabolic rate, your body is even able to burn more toxins and fat than it stores. Due to this, you’re able to burn a lot more fat.

Adaptogenic Benefits

Besides weight loss, there are many people who use this supplement for a wide range of other benefits. In Chinese medicine, this excellent herb has been used for many centuries. In Southeast Asia, this herb is called Southern Ginseng. It’s a good choice when you need to improve your well-being and health.

According to reputed and experienced healthcare professionals, this effective herb possesses adaptogenic properties. This term is used to describe and explain a particular herb, which helps your body resist stress. It’s worth mentioning that the herb also promotes a process called homeostasis. In simple terms, this means your body is able to achieve a good state of balance. Jiaogulan also regulates various internal processes related to your body.

Antioxidant Properties

Last but not the least, Jiaogulan contains a wide range of chemical compounds, which work quite well in the simple form of gypenosides. As per the information provided by reputed and experienced healthcare professionals, gypenosides play an important role in improving the effects of phagocytes on the body. Unique and specialized white blood cells are able to digest your body’s toxins, pathogens and cellular waste products. These compounds also work well in the endothelium.

Why You Should Always Stick To Jiaogulan Powder Dosage

green-tea-cupJiaogulan is an herb that grows naturally in China. It has many health benefits. The herb can be used to treat many diseases in human beings. You will find the herb very effective in treating heart problems. This is possible due to its effects in getting rid of high cholesterol levels from your body. It also plays a great role in helping different organs in the body such as the liver to function well. This will lead you to enjoying healthy life. It is very effective in ensuring your immune system is very strong. After you try the supplement you will never be a victim of those who suffer from weak immune system whom even simple health conditions such as cold will make them fail to go to work. Because the herb grows naturally in China, it is very possible for you to access it from any part of the world. This will be possible after you decide to order the herb in form of a powder online. After buying the powder, you should stick to Jiaogulan powder dosage for you to enjoy great results.

Why you should stick to Jiaogulan powder dosage

  • To avoid side effects

After you decide to make use of the Herb in form of powder you will access it at a certain concentrations. To avoid cases where you will expose your body system to too much of the substances contained in the powder. You should always try and stick to the dosage. After you stick to the dosage you will provide your body with just enough substances contained in the powder for you to enjoy great results. You will avoid cases where you will waste a lot of powder which you will have used over a certain period of time for effective results.

  • You will achieve quick results out of the use of the powder

For you to avoid cases where you will be exposed to under dosage, which will not be very effective in treating you different health complications, you should consider taking the right dose. You will learn about the right dosage of the supplement after you read the packs. There are different dosages for different people. In case you will like to offer your child, you should ensure you give her the right dosage. There are many people who have offered their reviews online. Most of them achieved great results after they stuck to the right dosage that was recommended.

Jiaogulan Mentation: The fountain of youth?

beginner-yoga-meditationJiaogulan, whose botanical name is Gynostemma pentaphyllum is a herb in the cucumber family whose origins can be traced back to southern China before it spread throughout Asia.

It is a very unique plant popular for its “magical” immortal properties and health benefits which make it very important in traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese often refer to it as Xian Cao (the immortality herb). Its leaves are edible and they can be consumed or used to brew a variety of herbal teas (tisanes) which are very popular in the China region.

Its immortal properties have gained it global popularity in modern medicine over the years since the 70’s and it is now widely used as a health tonic. Scientists have conducted extensive research into its health benefits and so far results have shown that the active ingredients in the herb not only improve general health but also increase the lifespan of an individual. So what are the benefits of its consumption?


Population studies conducted in certain provinces in southern China uncovered an unusually large population of elderly people over the age of 100 years the common denominator among them being the consumption of the Jiaogulan herbal tea.

Aging is accelerated by damage to the body cells. Free radicals resulting from oxidative reactions are the major cause of cell damage in the body. Jiaogulan has powerful anti-oxidant properties and its consumption aids in the elimination of free radicals from the body which delays the aging process for a long healthy life.

Immune system boost

The anti oxidant, Super-oxide dismutase (SOD) produced in the body is associated with the immune system. High levels of it translate to a healthy immune system. Jiaogulan herb stimulates the production of SOD and therefore consuming it should improve your immune system making you less susceptible to diseases.

Improve the blood flow

Consuming the herb appears to increase blood flow in the body. Increased blood flow has numerous health benefits especially since it is associated with an increase in energy levels. Improved stamina and agility for better athletic performance and a significant boost in your memory and retention are some of the benefits of improved blood flow as a result of taking the herb.

Self regulation of the body

Jiaogulan belongs to a class of herbs known as adaptogens which help the body self regulate. Self regulation in the body is very important.

Regulation of metabolism is crucial in weight management. Research has also shown that the herb activates AMPK enzyme which plays a role in metabolism regulation. The herb also stimulates increased production of serotonin, the happy hormone, which typically boosts your mood and calms your nerves.

There are many herbal remedies in the market today but a few are as effective and reliable as Jiaogulan mentation. It is recommended by many herbalists and doctors worldwide. Jiaogulan is available as herbal tea, extracted supplement and whole leaf.

Did You Know About Jiaogulan Immortality?


China is the place to go if by any chance you are tracing the roots of that herb which is known to prolong one’s lifespan. Jiaogulan immortality is as a result of the various health benefits that this herb is known to provide to the human health. Once introduced to the body system it adapts to your body as an adaptogen and acts as an antioxidant too. The natives of where this herb is particularly found (Guizhou Province) use it in tea, they take it as regularly as every time they take tea. Read on for more information about Jiaogulan immortality.

As pointed out earlier on, it is the health benefits of Jiaogulan that makes it a life prolonging herb. Let’s find out about these health benefits, shall we?

Controlling cholesterol levels

Jiaogulan helps in controlling the cholesterol levels in the body by increasing the right cholesterol which the body requires and lowering the wrong cholesterol type which the body does not require HDLs and LDLs respectively. By so doing one will be able to live with the right cholesterol levels and actually escape the chances of getting obese.

Reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack

This herb once introduced into the body system helps in controlling the hearts ability of pumping blood all over the body. Therefore this ensures balanced blood pressure and as a result there will be low risks of one getting attack which is due to the hearts inability to withstand the abnormal high blood pressure.

Immunity benefit

Jiaogulan acts as an immune booster. This is because it functions as an antioxidant and an adaptogen. It is for this that it will help the body fights against diseases and disease causing organisms. Scientists have discovered that this herb multiplies the number of white blood cells which is the blood component responsible for immunity in the body. Therefore any patient who takes it soon recovers.

Lengthens life

Jiaogulan is popularly known for its anti aging ability. The natives of china believe that if one takes this drug which they do take in tea, you tend to live like forever. But then no one is actually immortal therefore this only means this herb can delay your death and of course increase your life span. This is scientific and medical, given the functions it has in the human body.


The herb also helps to reduce stress as well as prevent one from cancer if it is taken. It is for the above health benefits that this herb is known as Jiaogulan immortality. Moreover it has no side effects.