The Health Benefits Of Gynostemma Tea

images (3)There is increasing popularity of gynostemma tea health benefits as more people replace their traditional options with this tonic alternative. When looking for a natural green option for your tea or settling for non-caffeine drinks, then gynostemma is one of the most recommended choices. It can be an easy replacement or even mixed with other types of tea. Although the herb is native to China, it has been grown in various other regions and is readily available in the grocery as a tonic tea option.

What is gynostemma tea?

Gynostemma tea is a natural green tea that is commercially available alongside other well-known options. It is made from herb known as gynostemma pentaphyllum which is native to Southern China. This herb is known for various medicinal qualities and also works as a longevity supplement. Gynostemma pentaphyllum is referred to as jiaogulan in Chinese. It is a 5-leaf climbing vine herb that is found in the same class as cucumbers and melons although it does not bear any edible fruit. As a perennial plant, it can be grown in places with moderate temperatures as classified under the USDA zone. This herb is sometimes called the Magical or Miracle grass by natives who have used it for ages to remedy a wide array of conditions.

How does gynostemma tea work?
Gynostemma herb contains several unique ingredients that serve various functions in the body leading to unusual longevity. According to a study on longevity, those who live to unusual longevity in these areas of china drink jiaogulan as part of their routine diet. The herb has been used over the years to treat various cardiovascular ingredients and works by adapting to the body’s condition. It mainly modulates the body’s function and also functions as an antioxidant. Its unique ingredients are capable of stimulating depressed nervous systems while calming those that are overexcited.

Health benefits
Gynostemma tea health benefits are quite obvious and straightforward. It is an herbal tea that has neither caffeine nor any negative side effect. It has been used for many years as a longevity supplement with proven success high success rates. Some of the benefits include;
• Adaptive responses – Gynostemma is an Adaptogen which means it induces an effect that normalizes body functions according to what is apparent. Research studies showed that athletes who drank the tea or its supplement felt more stimulated and ready for the competition with a unique level of calmness and reduced anxiety. The herb calms overexcited nerves while stimulating slow systems.

• Cholesterol– Gynostemma tea lowers total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol while raising the level of HDL. Its success in lowering and regulating cholesterol has been published in a number of professional research reports with figures ranging from 67% to 93%.

• Antioxidant – Gynostemma tea presents all the benefits of drinking the herbs extracts. It is a well known antioxidant that works in two main ways. The formula is known to reduce the amounts of hydrogen peroxide and superoxide radicals which are common oxidants found in blood. It also increases the level of superoxide dismutase (SOD) which is one of the most endogenous antioxidants formed naturally in the body. The herb also has an anti-inflammatory effect relieving pain and distress caused by tension in muscles and overwhelming brain activity. SOD is very important towards removing toxins and radicals from the blood to optimize circulation, oxygen transportation and manufacture of various blood cells. The level of SOD in animal body is said to reflect significantly on its longevity and charting this level can well be used to determine how long different animal species live. Taking gynostemma tea regularly has no side effect and is also a great move towards improved longevity and radical elimination.

• Cardiac function – Gynostemma tea leads to improved cardiac function, featuring increased heart stoke volume and cardiac output. Research studies showed patients who increased their stoke volume by up to 37% and cardiac function by 21%. As an Adaptogen, it is known to stimulate the body even during cold conditions to keep it warm and active.

There are many other advantages including improved immunity as gynostemma increases white blood cell production while eliminating cancer cells. Other benefits are in management and treatment of various cardiovascular conditions and diseases like hepatitis B, stroke, high blood pressure, hypertension, bronchitis and diabetes among others.

There are many gynostemma tea health benefits which can be listed and the herb has become preferred to ginseng. It has can be both calming and stimulating by modulating body functions and establishing an optimum functionality environment. Besides, it is made of natural green ingredients and can be mixed with other recommended ingredients including ginseng.

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